The Tomb Raider Link Directory project is the largest categorised database of TR-related websites on the internet. You can quickly look up sites with information on a specific aspect of Tomb Raider without having to search through pages and pages of irrelevant results. The custom-built categorisation software enables you to progressively refine your search to find the pages you want.

Our site aims to be clear and simple. Both finding sites in the directory and adding new ones are easy.

For Webmasters

Adding Your Site

If your site (or another site you think should be) isn't in the directory, it's easy enough to add it. Just complete a short form with the details and most importantly your suggested categorisation and we'll usually add it within a few days.


An important thing to get right when adding your link is the description. Descriptions help your site to stand out in the listings and provide further information that can't be conveyed by the keywords alone.

The built in search engine also uses the description for searching. If your site doesn't have one, the search engine must rely on its title and your site then has less chance of appearing in search results.

It is actually good practice to put a description into the HTML code for your site as well. This is a type of meta tag, so you just need to include the line <meta name="description" content="Your site's description."> somewhere between the <head> and </head> tags on your page.


Also important is the title for your site. The title you submit to the directory should generally be in Title Case and not include unnecessary symbols at the beginning. Spelling is particularly important, although we'll correct any obvious mistakes. Remember that like the description, you also should include a similar <title>The title</title> tag in your HTML head region.


More experienced webmasters will have heard of the meta keywords tag. This is not used with our keywords system, or many search engines, but you are of course free to include these.

Tips from the W3C

W3C is the World Wide Web Consortium. They define all the standards for what constitutes valid HTML and good page design, and generally speaking they know what they're doing. They have a selection of tips on how to make good websites, and a validator to check your HTML over.

Linking to Us

If you'd like to link to us, just make a hyperlink to http://trld.mintrasystems.com/. It can be a text link with the text Tomb Raider Link Directory, or we have a nice banner:

Tomb Raider Link Directory

Or maybe something slightly smaller...

Tomb Raider Link Directory

Occasionally we rename or move these banners, so you should upload them to your own webspace to avoid the link breaking if we do. Remember that it's good practice to add an attribute alt="Tomb Raider Link Directory" inside that <img> tag in case the image can't be displayed. We can create non-standard size banners on request.

Webmaster FAQs

My site is already in the directory with an old or missing description or title

If you'd like this changed, just find your site record page (click its name in a list of results somewhere) then click Edit in the top right hand corner and update the form.

Won't the Title and Description update here automatically when I change it on my page?

No - you'll need to come back and update us using the editing form described above.

I don't remember writing that - why is my description or title like it is?

If your site didn't have a suitable title or description when it was added, we may have made them up for you. If you don't like it, it's easy to change it using the editing form.

Some descriptions have a short review (clearly identified) at the end. These are usually fairly well balanced, but if there are critical points you think will adversely affect your site's reputation you should ask yourself if they're accurate before complaining. If so, it's in your interest to fix the problem before contacting us about it.

"Mwahahahaha... I'm just going to select every category for my site so I show up in all searches..."

This is not looked upon favourably and it's obviously very easy to spot when someone has done this. We'll either change your suggested categories to the correct ones for your site, or (more likely) ignore the submission or add it with no categories at all. You know your site best, so try to be accurate with your categorisation.

My site is full of Java applets, popups, adverts etc etc. Is this a problem?

When you're just starting out with web design this can seem cool, but it's actually distracting to visitors and ruins your site so we don't encourage it. If you have a problem with advertising on your site, you may be interested in Freeweb7 who offer free web hosting without any.

The best sites have a tasteful design. In our opinion, good designs are ones like those used on our own site, Katie's Screenshots, Stella's Site, tombraidergirl.com, Lara Croft. Let's not name and shame any examples of bad design, but you'll know where your site stands after looking at these.

Having said all this, check out the top sites to see which our visitors think are the best sites.

May I steal the complete link listing table for my own use?

This is allowed for your own personal use (for example if you want to fill your favourites/bookmarks with enough reading material to last a lifetime). Our data is, however, not to be republished or made accessible anywhere else. For example you may not publish it on your own website or write a search engine that scans it.

One reason for this is that the list is constantly being updated with new and changed sites. Multiple out-of-date copies around the internet would devalue our site.