These are the awards this website has won. Hopefully the number of these will be on the increase as more people realise we exist. Thanks to everyone who has awarded us something.

At present, we don't give out awards. However, visitors can rate sites in the directory and the site with the highest overall ranking appears on the front page. If your site appears there, count that as an award from us! You might also find it in the top 10 sites.

Croft Storm Sliver Award Lydia's Games Site Bronze Award Guns and Grapple Gold Award AshKa Gold Award

This site was also August 2007's pick of the month on Stella's Site. This means she's reviewed it personally and found to be exceptionally creative, stylish, useful, unique or otherwise fun to visit which is nice. We were the pick for several months.

We're also in Katie Fleming's and the Guns and Grapple "top picks" which is awesome.