Browsing Tips


This is a set of tips for making the most of the new TRLD finer-grained searching mechanism. Whilst it's perfectly possible to find what you want without using them, you'll find they help you to understand and ultimately make better use of the category/keyword engine.

Tip 1: Use two or more keywords

When you add that first keyword in, TRLD will immediately start bringing back results. However, depending on the keyword you started with, a large number of these will be irrelevant to what you are looking for. It's best therefore to add in a second keyword to narrow things down a bit. Take for example the "Tips and Tricks" keyword. You might be looking for information about jumping through walls in TR1, but until you put that "TR1" keyword in, you're going to be getting things like tips on using the level editor as well. The exception to this tip is with Language keywords - see Tip 4.

Tip 2: Tell us about broken sites

If you try to visit a site and it looks to be permanently down, please come back and tell us. All sites open in a new window/tab, so it's easy to access the editing form back in the TRLD window.

Tip 3: Use the box on the main page to find information, not Search

Searching simply looks through the words in the title and description, which can be practically whatever the site owner wants. Keywords are assigned by real people looking at the site and what it has to offer. Use them.

Tip 4: Don't expect many results with more than one keyword when at least one of them is a Language

Most pages aren't written in more than one foreign language and the search logic is AND so specifying two languages will eliminate quite a lot of results. Also, when you specify a language, chances are that we haven't read through and translated all the content in order to keyword it, so you may have to do that yourself. The upshot of this is that you will lose a lot of results if you add other keywords into your search.

Tip 5: How to rate sites

TRLD has a rating system that allows you to give a site a rating out of 5. You should try to rate sites on their overall quality rather than their relevance to what you were looking for. For example if you were looking for screenshots and got walkthroughs, you shouldn't rate the site low just for that reason.

Rating your own site is allowed - once only. We can spot if you're trying to push your own site up the rankings by submitting multiple ratings and undo them.

Giving the top or bottom rating to a site requires you to add a comment about your reasoning. We use these to make sure the ratings are valid since they can greatly affect a site's overall rating. We also store them - if you are a webmaster, you're welcome to contact us to request the comments people have made about your site.