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Tomb Raider Link Directory was the largest directory of Tomb Raider links. We linked to any good site on the web, whether official or fan-created. You can use the interactive query tool to narrow down the huge collection of sites to find what you want.

Unlike search engines, the directory only contained sites that are relevant to TR and useful.

Sadly, like many of the sites linked, the directory is no longer being maintained. I have moved onto Real Life™ and other similar projects, and don't have the time to play TR any more, let alone run a website about it :( The site will stay online here for the time being though, along with the little subproject pages linked to the right. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the site over the years.

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Ratings reminder (15 Aug)

Remember you are not allowed to rate your own site more than once! If everyone just gave their own site 5 all the time, the ratings system would be worthless. Like it says in the tips we can always spot and undo this sort of thing.

300 Sites (10 Apr)

This is kinda old news now, but we have more than 300 sites in the directory once again! Thanks to everyone who's submitted one.

Welcome to the redesigned site (7 Mar)

Welcome to the new look TRLD
As you can see, our new look site is now up and running. Aside from the great new graphics you'll find improved results tables (now with sorting and paging), easier searching, and simplified site addition and editing. Many thanks to Katie Fleming for all her fantastic help and advice with the design work and ads.

Updates (22 Jan)

Year advancements mentioned below are now mostly done - although some people won't have updated their sites for 2009 just yet. We'll survey again in a few weeks. Some 2008 end-of-year stats: 47 new sites last year, 116 being kept up to date, 29 sites abandoned in 2007

Happy New Year (5 Jan)

I'll slowly be going through the sites updating those that are still current to 2009 in the last-update field, but having a busy time right now so this could take a while.

Top Sites (19 Dec)

There's a new page: top sites, based on the recently added ratings system

Dead Site Cleanup (16 Dec)

Just deleted about 20 sites that have disappeared - so now we need to add some more. If you know of any good new sites we don't have yet, please help out and submit them. Thanks!

For Webmasters

TRLD is the definitive listing of Tomb Raider sites, so you should submit your site if it's not in the directory already. There's also some useful information you might like to read.

Selected Sites

Best Site

Site with the highest average star rating by visitors:

Katie's Tomb Raider Screenshot Web Page
Your source for the best screenshots on the web and also includes Katie's great fan fiction site.

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Newest Site

The newest site in the directory, added on 2011-11-30 20:59:55:

Lara Forever
Alles rund um Tomb Raider und Lara Croft. Lösungen und Spielstände zu allen Teilen. Movies, Trailer, Downloads und ein großes Hilfeforum.

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Random Site

A site randomly chosen from those that have been updated this year:

Lara Unlimited
In German.

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Project Ads

Lara's Swimming Pool Remodeled Tomb Raider Installer