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Lara ForeverAlles rund um Tomb Raider und Lara Croft. Lösungen und Spielstände zu allen Teilen. Movies, Trailer, Downloads und ein großes Hilfeforum. ***xxVisit Site
trwikiÜber 1700 Artikel zu Tomb Raider und Lara Croft in einer TR-Enzyklopädie.2011***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider UniverseIt's the official site of the small fan production "Tomb Raider Universe" that we make movies from TR games, but besides that, you can find cut scenes, reviews, screenshots, wallpapers and other applications/video of Tomb Raider! ***xxVisit Site
Underworld RaiderWe try to update you with the latest news on Lara Croft/Tomb Raider! Here you will discover plentiful screen shots, info on the latest and greatest Tomb Raider games, and so much more! Feel free to take a look around! ***xxVisit Site
Raiders ZoneSpanish fansite about Tomb Raider saga.2011***xxVisit Site
Eff Yeah, Tomb Raider GirlsAn extensive collection of photos, videos, quotes, and general information on all Tomb Raider girls, including the official models, Angelina Jolie, and cosplayers.2011***xxVisit Site
Lara DailyThe Best of Lara Croft in Brazil!2011***xxVisit Site
Pistoles FictionsPistoles Fictions is a fiction website featuring the fanfictions of esteemed TR author Thomas Blackwell, as well as the fanfictions of anyone who wishes to post them.2010***xxVisit Site
lee's tomb raider fan siteA Tomb Raider site with screenshots. A brief history and how I got into Tomb Raider.2010***xxVisit Site
Hunter's Tomb Raider TalesA fanfiction site of my original works. Also includes Lara's Travel Guide, an interactive adventure in Lara's world. **xxxVisit Site