The different keywords used to describe sites in the directory, together with an explanation for each.

ArticlesNon fiction articles/editorial (not reviews) on the games or some other related aspect.
BiographiesBiographical information about real or fictitious people either in or connected to the games
BooksInformation about the published Tomb Raider novels. Note that this is not the same as Fan Fiction.
CheatsCheat codes for the Tomb Raider games.
ComicInformation about the official Tomb Raider comic by Top Cow, and also other semi-official comics
Concept ArtArtwork produced as a guide for the game developers
Custom/Extra LevelsFan Created or Official levels that extend the games
DemosLinks to or hosting of demo versions of the games
DutchSites written in Dutch
Fan ArtTomb Raider related artwork produced by fans.
Fan FictionTomb Raider literature produced by fans.
Fan ListsLists of people who have registered as being fans of Tomb Raider.
ForumsBulletin boards and discussion forums about Tomb Raider. This also includes Chat Rooms.
FrenchSites written in French
GermanSites written in German
HistoryInformation about the history of the Tomb Raider series; its conception and development.
ItalianSites written in Italian
Lara CroftMaterial related directly to Lara Croft herself (e.g. use with biographies, screenshots etc.)
LinksLinks to other sites
LookalikesLara Croft lookalikes
Mac Tomb RaiderSites providing resources for using Tomb Raider on an Apple Macintosh.
ModelsResources on the official Lara Croft models of the past and present - see Lookalikes for fan work
MoviesResources on the movies Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, and fan movies
MusicMusic/soundtracks from the games or movies
NewsUp-to-date news or news archives about the Tomb Raider series, or organisations connected with it. You can tell whether or not the news is likely to be current by the Updated tag in the directory.
OfficialSites with some official connection with Tomb Raider.
Online ShopsOnline e-commerce stores selling Tomb Raider merchandise
Other LanguagesSites in languages for which there isn't a separate keyword
OverviewsBasic information about the games - use a TRx keyword as well to get this for a particular game.
PatchesDownloadable patches (official or otherwise) to correct various flaws in Tomb Raider.
PolishSites written in Polish
PortugueseSites written in Portuguese
ReviewsReviews, ratings, praise and criticism for the Tomb Raider games, films, books etc. Obivously this should be substantial; not one line expressing an opinion.
RussianSites written in Russian
Saved GamesSaved game files from key points in the games to allow bypassing levels
Screenshots/RendersScreenshots of Tomb Raider gameplay, and also high quality promotional images.
SpanishSites written in Spanish
StorylineInformation on the storyline of the games, usually found alongside Overviews.
Strategy/ControlsGenerally applicable advice (not related to a particular level like walkthroughs) on playing the game well.
SwedishSites written in Swedish
System RequirementsSystem Requirements for playing the games on a PC - use a TRx keyword as well to get this for a particular game.
Technical SupportTroubleshooting and support information.
Textures/Meshes/ModdingResource files for the Level Editor, such as wireframe meshes, WAD files, outfits, textures etc
Tips and TricksHints, tips and tricks about gameplay that aren't cheats or strategy. For example information about bugs in the game.
ToolsSoftware utitilities which support the main games, such as the level editor, saved game editors etc. This keyword is for sites either offering these for download or tips on using them.
TR1Resources on the game Tomb Raider and/or Unfinished Business
TR2Resources on the game Tomb Raider II and/or The Golden Mask
TR3Resources on the game Tomb Raider III: The Adventures of Lara Croft and/or The Lost Artifact
TR4Resources on the game Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
TR5Resources on the game Tomb Raider: Chronicles
TR6Resources on the game Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness
TR7Resources on the game Tomb Raider: Legend
TR8Tomb Raider: Underworld
TR9Tomb Raider 9
TR:AEResources on the game Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary Edition
WalkthroughsStep by step guides to completing the games, finding secrets etc.
WallpapersImages designed to be used as desktop wallpaper