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Welcome to the only site - hopefully - that helps you to Become Lara Croft. Now we all know, especially if your on this site, that Lara Croft is the world known adventurer, explorer, and arcaeologist that travels the world in search of various and mythical artefacts and locations. She has already found more than more than 25 different places, maybe even more! Lets carry on. Here you will go through various pages to help you in gymnastics, history and many other things. The Photo Gallery is the archive for you to see Lara herself in action, and even more cool screenshots of Lara's latest exploits, and the Fun Stuff page is where you'll find various quizes and puzzles and even some small assignments. There is my Fan Fiction page, with another coming soon - aswell as DS walkthroughs. On my other site that is. News is updated whenever it is heard, so stay tuned. Visit the forum to talk about all your Tomb Raider needs, and the pages on the latest games are up to date with lots of stuff. Enjoy your stay!


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