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Action Adventure Cosplay ForumThis is an extention from my website, and both websites share the same forum as both websites are about cosplay, very helpful members that love to cosplay their favourite heroes.2009***xxVisit Site
Action GirlsGeneral site on female game characters with good coverage of Tomb Raider.2008***xxVisit Site
Add-RaiderA website dedicated to the Tomb Raider games, packed with cheats, videos, pictures, exclusive content and overall Tomb Raider information and tips. 2010***xxVisit Site
AJ & TR WallpapersAngelina Jolie wallpapers and pictures2003***xxVisit Site
ALL about sixth part of Tomb Raider - The Angel of Darkness!Lara Croft, Kurtis Trent, other Persons, Levels, Objects, Fan Works, Sounds, Wallpapers, Look-likes, Saves, Walkthroughs, Fan Wallpapers, Windows Icons, Cursors, Postcards with Lara, Dialogs, My work, Cool stuff, Avatars, Animations, TR in the Sims2, Von Croy's Notebook, Fan Art, Fan Works with My photos... All that in this site!2006***xxVisit Site
Angelina Fan 2003***xxVisit Site
Anna's Cosplay Site 2011***xxVisit Site
Anneke's Web 2007***xxVisit Site
Apie Tomb RaiderTomb Raider Lithuanian forum and fanclub2010***xxVisit Site
Apple - Games - Tomb Raider: ChroniclesA look at tomb raider chronicles both in general, and for the Mac ***xxVisit Site
Ashka's Personal PageVarious tomb raider related personal projects, some of which are pure brilliance. The current TRLD categories don't do it justice!2007***xxVisit Site
AspidetrSuperb resource for custom level building, in English and Italian.2011****xVisit Site
Atlantis StudiosProducers of the Tales of Lara Croft fan comics2008***xxVisit Site
BCS Tomb Raider Underworld ReviewA review of Tomb Raider Underworld by the British Computer Society's games editor2009***xxVisit Site
Beaver's Lara Croft PicsInteresting reverse view screenshots, and a different approach to walkthroughs - well worth a look, but every page annoyingly opens in a new window ***xxVisit Site
Become Lara CroftWelcome to the only site - hopefully - that helps you to Become Lara Croft. Now we all know, especially if your on this site, that Lara Croft is the world known adventurer, explorer, and arcaeologist that travels the world in search of various and mythical artefacts and locations. She has already found more than more than 25 different places, maybe even more! Lets carry on. Here you will go through various pages to help you in gymnastics, history and many other things. The Photo Gallery is the archive for you to see Lara herself in action, and even more cool screenshots of Lara's latest exploits, and the Fun Stuff page is where you'll find various quizes and puzzles and even some small assignments. There is my Fan Fiction page, with another coming soon - aswell as DS walkthroughs. On my other site that is. News is updated whenever it is heard, so stay tuned. Visit the forum to talk about all your Tomb Raider needs, and the pages on the latest games are up to date with lots of stuff. Enjoy your stay!2008***xxVisit Site
Being Lara Croft or We Are All Sci FiArticle on the Pop Matters site2000***xxVisit Site
Captain Alban'sIncludes Contests: fast raider complete raider ultimate raider2011***xxVisit Site
Catsuit and PonytailTomb Raider/Lara Animations... and poetry ***xxVisit Site
ChaneeraiderFan site2008***xxVisit Site
Codename CroftNicely designed site with lots of information - probably the most comprehensive Lara outfit information there is, and plenty of other things you won't find elsewhere.2008***xxVisit Site
Croft 2000Welcome to Croft 2000, your online magazine where you will be able to find orginal Fan Art and Fan Fiction from the most talented Tomb Raider fans on the net (TRLD Review: Unfortunately plastered with advertising and seems to have been abandoned - still, some decent stuff on there, when you get to it. There's a silly front page at that won't let you in if you don't use Internet Explorer for some reason, so the link bypasses that.)2000***xxVisit Site
Croft CenterGerman tomb raider site with info on cosplay and modding/XNA Lara2011**xxxVisit Site
Croft CollectionUniverse of Tomb Raider's goodies, Lara Gold to the common objects.... Get into the Tomb Raider passion with the collectibles!2008****xVisit Site
Croft GenerationSpanish & English site.2008***xxVisit Site
Croft NotesField notes - nicely designed2011***xxVisit Site
Croft's TombOn this site alone there are guides of all the games so far. Croft's Tomb also has up-to-date Lara Croft info, Tomb Raider Movie info and info and pics of the new Tomb Raider ride. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness - Get all the latest info and pics here at Croft's Tomb. 2003***xxVisit Site
Croft-Games "Lara Around The World" Eine umfangreiche Fanseite mit allem rund und über Tomb Raider, Lara Croft. Absolute Neuheit sind die wahren Hintergründe über die Schauplätze in den Spielen. Ebenso eine úmfangreiche Aufstellung aller Charakteren in den Games. Information about all Tomb Raider games (Legend included, so that proves it's up to date), plus characters, news, fan fiction and art, cheats and patches.2011***xxVisit Site
CrofTopicHere Tomb Raider is always the topic!2008***xxVisit Site
CroftRules9This website is dedicated to the very legendary Lara Croft. Find on this site character profiles, game synopsis', tomb raider websites and some of my personal favourite things!2008***xxVisit Site
Crofts TombCroft Tomb will ALWAYS have latest News, Flashes, Fan - Art, Info on old and new, Biographies, Why not submit your own work? Plus sign up and chat in our forums.2009***xxVisit Site
Crystal DynamicsAt last Crystal Dynamics have their own web site...2008***xxVisit Site
Dan's Tomb Raider SiteA very complete site with a lot of information on each game you won't find elsewhere2003***xxVisit Site
Diana DoubleDeutsches Lara Croft Double und Model (German website about a Lara Croft lookalike. Also in English.)2008****xVisit Site
Diego's Tomb Raider Siteen Français2003***xxVisit Site
Driber's homepageTomb Raider Ancient Legends custom levels.2004***xxVisit Site
Dutchy's Tombraider and Tombraider Custom level WalkthroughsWalkthroughs for Tomb Raider I to VI and Custom Levels2008***xxVisit Site
DXTRE3DThis web site is dedicated to MOD (modifier) tools for the Tomb Raider games, including Tomb Raider 1, Tomb Raider 2, Tomb Raider 3, Tomb Raider 4 and Tomb Raider 5.2006***xxVisit Site
Eep2 - Tomb RaiderLinks and info about Tomb Raider level editors, movie viewers, and other hacking tools. Editorials about Eidos's refusal to release one and threatening authors with legal action.  ***xxVisit Site
Eff Yeah, Tomb Raider GirlsAn extensive collection of photos, videos, quotes, and general information on all Tomb Raider girls, including the official models, Angelina Jolie, and cosplayers.2011***xxVisit Site
Egyptian Gods The main site's about Gods and Goddesses of mythology, but the Tomb Raider section's good too2002**xxxVisit Site
Eidos Interactive Level Editor ForumsThe official Eidos forums2011***xxVisit Site
Eidos plcEidos Interactive specialise in PC games, Xbox games, Gamecube games and Playstation 2 games such as Tomb Raider, Angel of Darkness, Deus Ex, Commandos and Timesplitters.2010**xxxVisit Site
Everything Lost is Meant to be FoundFan listing for the second Tomb Raider movie2011***xxVisit Site
Everything Tomb RaiderHere at ETR you will find walkthroughs, cheats and up to date TR news. Does seem to require registration to access most of it. ***xxVisit Site
Extreme Raider  ***xxVisit Site
Forum TOMB RAIDERA French forum site about Tomb Raider Legend2007***xxVisit Site
Free RaidersThe best adventure on the web2005***xxVisit Site
FugitiveThe only Tomb Raider website by a person interviewed in the Lara Croft TV documentary of 2001, featuring a variety of resources and information, from it's creation to merchandising, (not forgetting some added spice and a sense of humour).  ***xxVisit Site
Games Frontier  ***xxVisit Site
GameSpotHistory of Tomb Raider2001***xxVisit Site
GameWeb - Tomb Raider ArchivesGameWeb Tomb Raider Archives - Reviews, Screenshots, Demo download, cheats, patches, links, and a forum for Tomb Raider. ***xxVisit Site
GeorgTrek's Tomb Raider SiteA great Tomb Raider site featuring links, downloads, game info and more. A Nude Raider free site!1999**xxxVisit Site
GlidosTR1/Gold in 3D with Glide2003****xVisit Site
GoranAgarTomb Raider wallpapers2007***xxVisit Site
Guns and GrappleGuns and grapple has a series fantastic interviews by Tomb Raider fan fiction writers Ostercy, Katie and Tomb Raider Girl. Interviews with Cosplayers: Luce, Tanya, Emma and Max. As well as having biographies on the latest offical Tomb Raider models. We also have a unique section on Keeley Hawes, the voice of Lara Croft. We go into depth and bring you a detailed biography, quotes, filmography and more! See the site for more! With ever growing sections.2010***xxVisit Site
Hagix's Home Page: Tomb RaiderDiese Website enthält deutschsprachige Lösungen für Tomb Raider I, Unfinished Business (TR I Director's Cut), Tomb Raider II, Golden Mask (TR II Director's Cut), Tomb Raider III, The Lost Artifact (TR III Director's Cut), The Last Revelation (Tomb Raider IV), The Times, Die Chronik (Tomb Raider V), The Angel of Darkness (Tomb Raider VI, im Aufbau), dazu Tips & Tricks, gespeicherte Spielstände, Links und vieles mehr.2011****xVisit Site
Hall of SeasonsA Tomb Raider forum.2008***xxVisit Site
Hunter's Tomb Raider TalesA fanfiction site of my original works. Also includes Lara's Travel Guide, an interactive adventure in Lara's world. **xxxVisit Site
I'm an angel of darknessLearn more things about Tomb Raider! Plenty of information on Kurtis too.2007***xxVisit Site
Il sito italiano dei fans di Lara croftSu Tomb Raider Adventure trovi tutte le info sulla Saga di Tomb Raider, video, trucchi, news e immagini.2010***xxVisit Site
IndyCroftA fan site dedication to the classic raiders, Lara Croft and Indiana Jones.2007****xVisit Site
Jeeves - A Butler's TaleOk, so you've seen the usual Tomb Raider fan fiction - now enter the previously unexplored world of her butler!1998***xxVisit Site
JSG photos Angelina Jolie Lara Croft Tomb RaiderJean-Serge GUILLAUT présente Angelina Jolie et Lara Croft 20 galeries, 800 photos ou images, le film TombRaider et toutes les pubs et vidéos laracroft2003****xVisit Site
Katie's Tomb Raider ForumsA small community with a big mouth!2011***xxVisit Site
Katie's Tomb Raider Screenshot Web PageYour source for the best screenshots on the web and also includes Katie's great fan fiction site.2011****xVisit Site
Kaufi-LC's WebsiteTomb Raider-Leveleditor Site mit Bildern eigener Projekte, eigenen Zeichnungen usw. Tomb Raider News, Screenshots, TRLE, Tomb Raider-Pieces of Centuries2008***xxVisit Site
Kurtis Trent Estrogen BrigadePossibly the only fan site dedicated entirely to Kurtis Trent from AOD. Nice design too.2009***xxVisit Site
Lady CroftA fanlisting for our favourite tomb raider2011***xxVisit Site
Lance's Tomb Raider SiteFan site2010***xxVisit Site
Lara 2008***xxVisit Site
Lara CroftComprehensive bio on Lara ***xxVisit Site
Lara CroftEverything about Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, News, Games, Movies, Cosplaying Lara, Tomb Raider costumes, Tomb Raider Collectables and Merchandise, Memorabilia. Very nice design too.2011***xxVisit Site
Lara Croft Creative Designs - new gear for Lara Tomb Raider Level Editor custom outfits and custom Lara meshes are available here, as well as links to other great sites, Lara Croft Creative Designs also has a forum and mailing list.2004***xxVisit Site
Lara Croft Guns For SaleBuy replicas from the game or movie. ***xxVisit Site
Lara Croft in RussiaWeapons review, artifacts, screenshots, wallpapers, models, vehicles, for all Tomb Raider issues, including games and movies.2011****xVisit Site
Lara Croft LookWelcome to Lara Croft Look, a site where you can find the "Lara in You". Visit our new pages and enjoy yourself! Sadly no longer updated.2007***xxVisit Site
Lara Croft Online:Tomb Raider Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The site dedicated to the latest news,pictures,walkthroughs and downloads on Tomb Raider, Lara Croft, and the Tomb Raider Movies starring Angelina Jolie.2009***xxVisit Site
Lara Croft RebornSito dedicato al mondo Tomb Raider e alla conturbante Lara Croft. Qui puoi trovare davvero tutto quello che cerci su TR e LC! (TRLD Review: Nice site with great graphics - one of the best Italian sites I've found, but takes a while to load for some reason)2008***xxVisit Site
Lara Croft RevolutionUn Sito su Lara Croft e Tomb Raider contenente tutto il materiale disponibile su Tomb Raider dal primo fino all'ultimo includendo: Level Editor, Level Manager, Film e tutto su Tomb Raider!2011***xxVisit Site
Lara Croft Tomb Raider LandTomb Raider Land is Lara's screenshot home. You will find Walkthroughs, News, Info and you can watch the Tomb Raider Movies here!2008***xxVisit Site
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003)Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life - Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary, Comments, Discussion, Taglines, Trailers, Posters, Photos, Showtimes, Link to Official Site, Fan Sites2003***xxVisit Site
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Untold TalesThis site is my contribution to the Tomb Raider online community. It has artwork, cosplay and even award-winning fan fiction. Twinned with Ciby's Tomb Raider Site.2009***xxVisit Site
Lara Croft TVLara Croft TV will endeavour to provide an interactive journey plotting the meteoric rise to fame of Lara Croft. Our portfolio is packed with polygon-rich goodness including exclusive show-reels, beautifully scored music and high resolution imagery and will be updated on a regular basis2009**xxxVisit Site
Lara Croft's MySpace PageLara has a MySpace page!2011***xxVisit Site
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary, Comments, Discussion, Taglines, Trailers, Posters, Photos, Showtimes, Link to Official Site, Fan Sites2001**xxxVisit Site
Lara DailyThe Best of Lara Croft in Brazil!2011***xxVisit Site
Lara DollThe Lara Croft action figure!2006***xxVisit Site
Lara ForeverAlles rund um Tomb Raider und Lara Croft. Lösungen und Spielstände zu allen Teilen. Movies, Trailer, Downloads und ein großes Hilfeforum. ***xxVisit Site
Lara In Piecesbizarre screenshots and more2003***xxVisit Site
Lara Sanctuary - Tomb Raider's Lara CroftLara Sanctuary - This site is an online tribute to Lara Croft and Tomb Raider. Here you can find Game Cheats, Walkthroughs, Wallpapers, Images, Pictures, collectors items, fanart. Lara Croft Outfits and more!2005***xxVisit Site
Lara ShotsLara features Lara Croft & the Tomb Raider series in Animations, Custom 3D work, Music, Audible Dialogues from the games, hundreds of original screenshots, & tips. (TRLD Review: This is a brilliant site for graphics with loads of unmarked stuff you won't find on other sites)2006***xxVisit Site
Lara UnlimitedIn German.2007****xVisit Site
Lara Vertigo  ***xxVisit Site
Lara WorldHere you can find information about all Tomb Raider games: Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider II, Tomb Raider III, Last Revolution, Chronicles, Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness and latest but not the last (I hope) Tomb Raider Legend.You can also find info and pictures from 2 Tomb Raider Movies and latest news on third Movie. 2008***xxVisit Site
Lara's BackpackVery complete website with helpful walkthoughs, information about Lara and every Tomb Raider game.2008****xVisit Site
Lara's CaveFrench fan site with forums, links to various other Tomb Raider web sites, guestbooks, and details on the various aspects of Tomb Raider in French culture. Also contains Tomb Raider "diaries", providing the story line. 2003**xxxVisit Site
Lara's ClubLaras Club will always have the latest News, Flashes, Fan - Art, Videos, Laras Bio, Even Submit your own work! And why not sign up and chat in our forums? Pop in! 2009****xVisit Site
Lara's CommunityThe Lara Croft and Tomb Raider forums2009***xxVisit Site
Lara's CreationsLara Croft & Tomb Raider: tout sur Lara Croft et Tomb Raider avec des biographies, interviews, jeux, photos etc... Actualité Tomb Raider et Lara Croft, exclusivités, et dossiers Tomb Raider Legend et Anniversary2008***xxVisit Site
Lara's GenerationTomb Raider Fanseite mit einem Chat, Helpline, vielen Infos zur Computerikone Lara Croft und vielem mehr.... (TRLD Review: This is a really good site as it has the German version of almost all the information available on Tomb Raider, and is up to date with the latest version. It also looks very nice)2011***xxVisit Site
Lara's Lost Photo AlbumFan made Laras (as well as Kurtis Trent and other TR characters) renders and videos.2007****xVisit Site
Lara's Manifesto 2002**xxxVisit Site
Lara's TombLara's Tomb is a website that completely focuses on the fans and Tomb Raider community. Come join Lara's Tomb and open your own LT album, send your friends gifts from the Raider Shop, submit content to the site, post on the forums and so much more!2011***xxVisit Site
Lara's WardrobeNew outfits for TR2, Downloadable TR graphics tools and how-tos2001***xxVisit Site
larabad.deA Tomb Raider and Lara Croft Fanpage2010***xxVisit Site
laracroft05 2005***xxVisit Site
LARAIDER (Tomb Raider et Lara Croft)French site with lots of content2011***xxVisit Site
Laras LevelbaseTomb Raider Website der Laras Levelbase Community2009**xxxVisit Site
Laras Levelbase New TribuneA Tomb Raider Blog with news and facts about Lara and the custom level scene. English/German2011****xVisit Site
LaraWallpapersTombRaider and Lara Croft wallpapers. There are also wallpapers of the models, Lucy Clarkson, Nell McAndrew, Lara Weller, Vanessa Demouy, Rhona Mitra, Nathalie Cook and the actress Angelina Jolie.2005****xVisit Site
lee's tomb raider fan siteA Tomb Raider site with screenshots. A brief history and how I got into Tomb Raider.2010***xxVisit Site
Letters to LaraAn examination of letters from school students to Lara Croft.1999****xVisit Site
loonygames' Guest Editorial:Tricia GrayBeing the PR Manager for a huge publishing house you get some really strange questions, but working for the company that brought the first female game character celeb, well, the questions you receive from people are just plain nuts...1999****xVisit Site
Lydia's Games Site: Tomb RaiderHere you will find information on some of the most famous games ever made including Tomb Raider.2008***xxVisit Site
Lynne and PaigeLynne and Paiges Tomb Raider Site! - a place to find help with Tomb Raider games. Down for maintenance.2010**xxxVisit Site
MacRaider.itItaliano2010***xxVisit Site
Marco SimsOn this site you will find Many of the Tomb Raider Sim Movies created by Chain Bros Inc. You will also find Other movies made by Chain Bros Inc.2007***xxVisit Site
Michael's TR 99 1999***xxVisit Site
michax' Tomb Raider HomepageEine Tomb Raider Page mit viel Interessantem zum Thema - u.a. auch selbstgebastelte Level und eine 2003***xxVisit Site
Miss CroftMiss Croft, les dessous de Lara Croft. L'univers de Lara Croft et de Tomb Raider : dernières infos sur tomb raider et lara croft, galeries d'images, solutions, patches, bonus... Site entièrement en français! Tomb Raider Legend en exclusivité!2005***xxVisit Site
Miss Croft OnlineNo content yet - will hopefully be available soon2007***xxVisit Site
Miss Lara Croft's PhotoalbumAll about Miss Lara Croft - photos, videos, sounds and others!2007***xxVisit Site
Misty StoriesFan fiction that doesn't include Lara Croft, but her enemies such as panthers. I have great stories that take place in Tomb Raider settings and the characters are based from Tomb Raider. 2010***xxVisit Site
Morphaniel's Tombraider PortalWalkthroughs and cheats for TR1-5 - very simple and clear.2002***xxVisit Site
Natla's PyramidA shrine dedicated to Jacqueline Natla a.k.a. Natla of Atlantis, the coolest villain of Tomb Raider.2007***xxVisit Site
Neelofer's Tomb Raider Movie WebsiteSite dedicated to the first Tomb Raider movie.2002***xxVisit Site
No Nude RaiderSay no to nude raider - Eidos did their part now we must do ours2005***xxVisit Site :: Angel of Darkness :: Lara Croft Tomb :: Angel of Darkness :: Lara Croft Tomb Raider :: news, information, downloads, patches, lists, cheats and more.2002****xVisit Site
Northeast CommuniGateThe one stop place for information and communication for the Tomb Raider Level Editor. 2003***xxVisit Site
nZone Tomb Raider: Angel of DarknessnVidia's nZone mini-site on TRAOD. Quite informative for people new to AOD. ***xxVisit Site
Ostercy's Tomb Raider FablesOriginal fan fiction, some about Lara and some about Natla2009***xxVisit Site
Pistoles FictionsPistoles Fictions is a fiction website featuring the fanfictions of esteemed TR author Thomas Blackwell, as well as the fanfictions of anyone who wishes to post them.2010***xxVisit Site
Planet Tomb Raidertomb raider news, wallpaper, walkthroughs, demos, cheats, saved games, video game news, links (TRLD Review: This is one of the better sites - I'm surprised it took so long to be submitted to the directory. Lots of news that's actually up to date, plenty of content not plagiarized from other sites, and a nice layout.)2011****xVisit Site
Playstation Notebook: Dragons   ***xxVisit Site
Raider ForumsTomb Raider With Forums Tips,Help an chat! Register Now!2009****xVisit Site
Raider StormTomb Raider site where you can submit your own Flash, Fan-Fiction, CCG, Art, Reviews and more to earn points and become the ultimate Tomb Raider fan.2011***xxVisit Site
Raiders LairRaiders Lair is a community of gamers focused mainly on Tomb Raider Level Editor. So, if you love Tomb Raider and love building levels of your own; feel free to join our community. You will get all the help you need on your projects.2008***xxVisit Site
Raiders ZoneSpanish fansite about Tomb Raider saga.2011***xxVisit Site
REFLECTION OF FATE... memoirs of lara croftAn up and coming Tomb Raider website that will contain walkthroughs, tips, and information on the new collectible card game starring Lara Croft. ***xxVisit Site
RG's Tomb Raider Fan SiteA collection of diagrams, texts and tables that analyse the Tomb Raider games especially the combat and controls in them.2009***xxVisit Site
RUGRLNTR Outfits, Mods, Magazine! Loads of stuff!2008****xVisit Site
Russian Community Of Tomb RaiderThis is the site that has it's own opinion about everything that happens in the world of Tomb Raider.2008***xxVisit Site
Sailmaker's Tomb Raider GalleryScreenshots and saved games2004****xVisit Site
Shotgun Citysavegame editors 3dfx patches and settings etc.2003***xxVisit Site
Sinjin's Tomb Raider 2 Walkthrough - Version 1.2The complete guide to the Dagger of Xian.1998***xxVisit Site
SkribblerzLevel editor site for Builders and Players2008***xxVisit Site
Stella's Tomb Raider SiteHome of the definitive Tomb Raider walkthroughs, plus hints, strategy, savegames and more.2011****xVisit Site
Stories R Us  ***xxVisit Site
Tears of the DragonTomb Raider: Tears of the Dragon -- A fan film homage to Lara Croft2006***xxVisit Site
Tessa's Tomb Raider SiteCheats Tips Walkthroughs and More!2011***xxVisit Site
The Adventures of Lara CroftFan fiction by Bob Patterson1999**xxxVisit Site
The Angel of Darkness Trilogy PetitionPetition to Eidos to continue the storyline begun in the Angel of Darkness in some way2005**xxxVisit Site
The Art of Tomb RaiderDreams and Visions Press is proud to announce THE ART OF TOMB RAIDER. This new volume will showcase artwork from one of the video game industry's preeminent franchises, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.2008***xxVisit Site
The Croft TimesTomb Raider newspaper2002**xxxVisit Site
The Lara Croft Files/Dosije Lara KroftSerbian site containing walkthroughs for TR1 through TR6, plus patches, save games, links to demo downloads and background information on the series.2003***xxVisit Site
The Lara Croft Site 2007***xxVisit Site
The Lara Croft Site 2008****xVisit Site
The Quad's StoreCe site est exclusivement consacré à la création de niveaux du jeu Tomb Raider à l'aide des outils non-officiels réalisés par des fans. 2002***xxVisit Site
The T-Raider SiteHints, moves, enemies and complete walk-throughs for Tomb Raider 1, 2, UB and TR 3 as well as other goodies2000**xxxVisit Site
The Tomb Raider FansThe Tomb Raider Fans Forum2011***xxVisit Site
The Tomb Raider Web Page  ***xxVisit Site
The Tomb Raider's LifeThis website is a created by a big fan; Kate Sykes, inspired by CG's most famous heroine. In the Fansite, you will find; multiple Language options, galleries, various sections and more... (Written by the owner) Also thanking everyone who went on, and enjoyed this website. 2008****xVisit Site
The Ultimate LegendAn English Tomb Raider community group with a Bulletin Board/Forum, information, screenshots, cheats, walkthroughs and more!2006***xxVisit Site
The Ultimate Tomb Raider Discussion PageTomb Raider discussion forum2010***xxVisit Site
The Ultimate Tomb Raider ForumsThe Ultimate Tomb Raider Forums, a forum created a good while ago that's become quite popluar for free speech. We're against Nude Raider too!2008***xxVisit Site
The Ultimate Warrior: Lara Croft Not a lot on this site any more. Left it in some categories in case it improves, but disappointing on the whole.2004****xVisit Site
The Untold Adventures Of Lara CroftA web cartoon featuring Lara Croft, by Mystery King on Katie's Tomb Raider Forum. Enjoy!2010****xVisit Site
thecroftcentre.tkThe Croft Centre - The Dutch Digital Medium For All Tomb Raiders ***xxVisit Site
Tomb Invader's 2001***xxVisit Site
Tomb of AncientsTomb Raider fansite which includes news and screenshots of Tomb Raider Underworld and other Tomb Raider games.2008***xxVisit Site
Tomb RaiderThis site will alow you to view walkthroughs, cheats and hints. The walkthroughs will be from Peru, Rome, Egypt and Atlantis.2001***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider (nicht nur) für Dummies - Lösung TR 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7Lösungen für alle Tomb Raider Spiele mit Cheats, Lara Croft Bildern, Legend und The Angel of Darkness Info2011***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider - Complete Walkthrough and SecretsA detailed and complete walkthrough of Tomb Raider. It will help you complete the game1998**xxxVisit Site
Tomb Raider - DXTre3D EditorDXTre3D editor, Amateurs Levels. Jediná ceská stránka zabívající se tvorbou amat. levelu do TR1-TR5. Ceské návody jak k editoru, tak pomocným programum. Dokonce i ceská verze DXtre3D editoru.2010***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider 4UA fansite for the Tomb Raider video games, offering game help, such as walkthroughs and cheats, pictures, such as fan art, game screenshots and photos of Lara Croft models, donwloads, such as fan made videos, patches and savegames, and an interactive forum. 2006****xVisit Site
Tomb Raider 7Lara Croft Tomb Raider Legend animations, screenshots, movies, downloads, and original Lara Croft screenshots from Tomb Raider 1, Tomb Raider 2, Tomb Raider 3, Last Revelation, Chronicles, Angel of Darknes, and Tomb Raider Legend. Official Tomb Raider screenshots included2007****xVisit Site
Tomb Raider AnniversaryA dedicated site for Tomb Raider: AE, from Planet Lara2007***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider Anniversary 2007***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider AscensionA Lara Croft, Tomb Raider fan film by Stephen Reynolds and Aquila. Based on the successful video game series from Eidos.2008***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider Belgium: NewsTombRaider.BE: Find news, videos, demos, screenshots of your favorite game heroine Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider series.2008***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider CheatsCheat codes for TR1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 including Gameshark codes.2005***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider ChroniclesUnparalleled news and media on Tomb Raider Legend, Tomb Raider series, Lara Croft, Eidos plc, Crystal Dynamics, Core Design and CiRCLE Studio with detailed walkthrough and game guides, pictures, movies, wallpapers, cheats and related media.2011***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider ClubLooks promising but under construction - use Add/Modify on this link when the site gets back to full functionality. Site planned to be reopened in 2007/2008.2007***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider ClubTomb Raider Turkish fan club.2010***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider Community - GermanyTomb Raider Community Deutschland. Ein Forum der besonderen Art. Werdet Mitglied im Forum und schließt Euch der Community an!2011***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider CosplayThis website is unlike any other, It is mostly dedicated to Lara Croft Tomb Raider Cosplay. Visitors will find help on how to assemble the outfits, tutorials on how to make cosplay items, a link directory to websites that sell rare items from Lara croft' outfits, it has a gallery of tomb raider cosplayers male an female... Showing off their costumes, other features like: Lara's history, latest news on tomb raider games, game reviews, a Katie Fleming section (award winning fan fiction writer), a downloads section, fan art section, plus quizzes, polls, and extensive galleries of characters and outfits from both tomb raider games and movies... the website has its own forum too. Basically I will be able to hopefully answer any tomb raider cosplay questions.2009***xxVisit Site
tomb raider costumeBuy Lara Croft Tomb Raider costumes at this online shop. Perfect fancy dress costumes for Lara Croft stunt doubles ***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider Editor.comTomb Raider Editor offers Tomb Raider custom levels and walkthroughs as well as editor tutorials, tools, TRLE, NGLE, TRNG, TREP, screenshots and much more. Meet Lara Croft in various custom levels and involve her in your own new Tomb Raider adventures!2009***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider ExtremeDeutsche Tomb Raider Fanseite. Mit Infos zu allen Spielen, den Filmen und aktuellen News.2009***xxVisit Site
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Tomb Raider GalleryWelcome to my Tomb Raider site! I've made this site with all my love to such great games, as Tomb Raider series. And also I want to show you my art, devoted to Tomb Raider and Lara Croft. You could find a lot of interesting images with Lara Croft here. I'm sure - any of this pictures was seen by you before. Because all pictures, what you'll see in this site - are my creation or screenshots from Tomb Raider, made by me.2007**xxxVisit Site
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Tomb Raider GunshotOne of the less Tomb Raider sites! If you're Dutch and a fan, visit TRGunshot! Plenty multimedia, information, news, Angelina Jolie, walkthroughs.. Just too much! Visit!!2007***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider HeavenHas irritating popup ads, a lot of front-door pages and is no longer updated, but once you get to the content, it's not bad. The design is nice and tasteful too.2002****xVisit Site
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Tomb Raider Lara Croft Angel of DarknessUGO's Tomb Raider archive for info about games, Angelina Jolie movies, comics, and real life Lara Croft models.2005****xVisit Site
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Tomb Raider OnlineVous trouverez sur ce site tout ce que vous cherchez sur l'univers de Lara Croft, sur les différents épisodes de Tomb Raider, les niveaux supplémentaires, la solution complète et le scénario détaillé de Tomb Raider 6 Angel of Darkness, la solution de Tomb Raider Legend (Tomb Raider 7), la solution de Tomb Raider Anniversary, la solution de Tomb Raider Underworld, des forums, des sondages, des jeux, des patchs, des centaines de niveaux à télécharger et bien sûr les dernières actualités. 2011***xxVisit Site
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Tomb Raider RPGHere, you will be creating your own character, giving them the occupation of an archaeologist, raider, mercenary, etc. You can choose from created expeditions or make up your own. The site will have a main plot, or artefact in need of finding which all members will be able to contribute to. Hope you have fun!2011***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider The ForumItalian Forum2008***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider TouristA site for unusual places and actions in the Tomb Raider games - some are shortcuts, some are just for the view. Start of archive for the corner bug at all corners.2007***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider UnderworldComplete coverage on Lara's 8th adventure - Tomb Raider Underworld.2009**xxxVisit Site
Tomb Raider UniverseIt's the official site of the small fan production "Tomb Raider Universe" that we make movies from TR games, but besides that, you can find cut scenes, reviews, screenshots, wallpapers and other applications/video of Tomb Raider! ***xxVisit Site
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Tomb Raider Workshop - Creation flows!New custom LE outfits available now! A great site full of tutorials on how to make signatures, avatars, showcases, and large galleries full of images. Artist of the month feature shows new artists and their work, and they also leave an interview and tutorial behind them.2006***xxVisit Site
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Tomb Raider | Starring Lara CroftWelcome to my Angel of Darkness site check out my photo Album for cool pictures of Tomb Raider AOD or you could always check out the characters page with pictures of the main characters and their names. If you don't know who on earth Lara Croft is check out About Lara. Or maybe you're eager to find out what weapons she owns on the weapons page. Or if you're just really stuck in the game you can download a savegame file thanks to Stella's Site.2011***xxVisit Site
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Tomb Raider: AoD ContinuesThis site is mainly about the Tomb Raider continuation project I'm doing. However, it's also a fan site. It has forum topics and links. Come and check it out.2009***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider: Legend (unofficial)Pouco antes do retorno triufante de Lara Croft, o site foicial foi atualizado com novas informações sobre Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend.  ***xxVisit Site
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Tomb Raider: Tell Core and EidosWhether or not Eidos will actually read this... but this is the place to make yourself heard2003****xVisit Site
Tomb Raider: The Awaited ReturnWelcome to the TRTAR site. In here you will find information about a story that is being created using Microsoft Power Point. It's kind of fan art, fan fiction and multimedia rolled into one.2008***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider: The Eternal'Tomb Raider: The Eternal' is an unofficial, fan-made continuation of the unfinished 'Angel of Darkness' trilogy.2009**xxxVisit Site
Tomb Raider: The HistoryQuirky and highly frustrating browsing mechanism, but probably some good information in there.2003***xxVisit Site
Tomb Raider: World Hidden WithinThis fan site is kind of like interactive Tomb Raider world. It's mostly based off Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, but it features other things related to the other Tomb Raider games. It has pics, a newspaper page, and lots of stuff. It's near to completion. Come check it out. It also has a forum with lots of topics. I need help with the Tomb Raider news though.2011****xVisit Site
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TR-VirusGerman TR-Fansite - Downloads, Cheats and Informations! Infected?2010**xxxVisit Site
TR3 Swimming Pool - RemodelledA re-rendering of the classic swimming pool room of Lara's house with "modern" 3D graphics2009***xxVisit Site
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